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UP Gaushala Yojana 2021:All details


UP Gaushala Yojana 2021: eligibility, features and benefits.

Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched a new scheme titled “UP Gaushala Yojana 2021” for the better management of the Gaushalas in the state.

In this article we will inform you about the purpose and benefits of the UP Gaushala Yojana 2021. We will also acquaint you with the application procedure and the last date of application under UP Gaushala Yojana 2021.

UP Gaushala Yojana 2021

The govt of Uttar Pradesh has started UP Gaushala Yojana 2021 for the registration of Gaushalas in the state. With this registration, the govt of UP aims at effectively monitoring, managing and developing the gaushalas in the state. This scheme will also help in making a date base of the gaushals in the state and in this way the govt will be able to get a real picture about the gaushalas in the state.

In our country, we have a various kinds of gaushalas and the and various states have taken initiatives regarding their registration and management.

In UP, there is an act called Uttar Pradesh Gaushala act 1964, through which gaushalas are adminstered. In carrying forwards its objectives, the Gaushala Yojana 2021 was introduced.

It has been made mandatory for all the gaushalas of the state to get registered so as to avail the benefits of the UP Gaushala Yojana 2021. There are around 500 gaushalas in UP and govt is aiming to have all of them registered under this Yojana.

Under UP Gaushala Yojana, the caretakers of the gaushalas will be provided financial assistance for the better management of the gaushalas. In addition, the caretakers of these gaushalas will also be provided necessary trainings regarding scientific management of the gaushalas.


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